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"Quality products, through innovation"

Our Story

In 1983, IGC introduced a breathable synthetic fabric to act as a weed barrier material. Our Geoscape product was one of the first landscape fabrics in the horticulutural industry. In the initial marketing it became very clear, customers wanted a varity of product sizes. This led to the purchase of an 81-inch slitting and rewinding machine, which was put into service in May of 1983. As the Geoscape Landscape line grew, more capacity was needed and thus a second machine was put into production in June of 1984. This particular machine could print as well as slit and rewind fabric. Today, IGC has 4 center wound silitters with a slitting capacity of up to 210 inches. One duplex slitter for very precise slitting of nonwovens and films. A thermal laminating line was installed in 2003, with a finished width of 48". Our other services include on line roll packaging and off line shrink wrap packaging. 


Since the introduction of the Landscape Fabric product , IGC has grown to include products that are used in the construction, packaging, and composite industries. IGC is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, ideally located for excellent transit times to the eastern United States.


We offer, a wide range of fabrics, from needle-punch polypropylenes to spunbond polyesters and nylons. If you are developing a new product or want to improve on an existing one we can help. You can provide the fabric or we can source for you and provide complete production from master roll to finished product.