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"Quality products, through innovation"

Spunbond nylon, polypropylene, and polyester fabrics 
Needle-punch polypropylene and polyester fabrics

Needle-punch nonwoven fabrics are formed from staple cut fibers that are formed by a process that needle the fibers in a staple and durable network such that the fibers retain their relative position. Needle punch fabrics are known for their strength in the machine direction, and moldability in thermo applications.

Spundbond nonwovens are known for their dimensional stability in both the machine and cross direction. Spunbonds are formed by filaments which have been extruded, drawn, then laid on a continuous belt. Bonding is accomplished by several methods the most common by hot-roll calendering. Spundbonds are therefore used as scrims and backings in extrusion applications. Like needle-punch nonwovens they offer excellent filtration properties. 

Although the majority of our services are the converting of nonwovens, we have at customer request, overtime gained experience in converting other materials such as films and kraft paper. Also, we can print product identification and logos on the various materials that we convert.


As the name implies composite nonwovens are formed by heat or adhesive laminating of various layers of needle-punch or spunbond materials. Sometimes films are introduced in the lamination to act as a moisture barrier. Depending on the composite structure they can offer strength, yet be lightweight, replacing traditional materials for a variety of applications.

Kraft Paper, Films and Printing

Composites of Spunbond and Needle-punch fabrics


IGC has available to it's customers a wide selection of nonwoven products which include needle-punch polypropylene and polyester fabrics, spunbond nonwoven polypropylene, polyester, and nylon materials. Incorporating these fabrics through our laminating process we are able to constuct a variety of fabric composites. In addition to our nonwoven fabrics we also offer the converting of kraft paper and films.